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The computer then produced a glass of nutrients for her to drink. She liked the idea of being a big blimp. Here was were Melissa made her real money. The computer helped move her out of the bed by decreasing the ships internal gravity and gently using its arms to roll her onto her feet. She could see no visible changes to her body, as she checked carefully before dressing. Her view was obscured by the huge red ball that was now her body, so all she could do was call for Rali. As soon Melissa smelled the food she raced to the table and began guzzling down the meal.

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She groaned with pleasure as the computer slowly moved about her rounded body pouring warm water across it.

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She must have looked worried, because Mary repeated that a verbal reply was needed urgently. Melissa had worked for the Chen Frontier Corporation for nearly nine years. This was the life, a 5 week journey in supreme luxury, which she was also getting paid for.

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