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sissy chastity maid
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She then informs me that, from this point forward, her lover will be taking sole possession of the key to my chastity cage. A Day in the Life of a Chastity Maid Chastity Sissy featured Y ou may have your own idea of what a day in the life of a chastity maid is like…. Y ou may have your own idea of what a day in the life of a chastity maid is like…. The following morning I lightly knock on her bedroom door, fully dressed and made-up of course, to take their breakfast-in-bed order. I absolutely HATE doing this this but Mistress claims that this submissive behavior of her chastity maid produces a warm glow inside of her pussy. Never-the-less, he has insisted that I get a male chastity piercing for my dick as added security. As I prepare to receive my orders, she sits up and straddles her lover, guiding his now raging hard-on into her wet pussy.

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Erika. Age: 26.
sissy chastity maid

She has me swallow a muscle relaxant, gives her boyfriend a Viagra, sits back with a glass of wine, and watches the mayhem begin.

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Daniella. Age: 22.
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Sissy Maid Chastity

A chastised sissy maid serves only to make the life of her Mistress and her friends easier…. Her and her lover then head off to the bedroom while her chastity maid is left to clean up the mess. I will now be performing sissy maid duties for two. Her boyfriend and her sip wine and make-out on the couch while I work on dinner.

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