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She held the bedcovers to her chest so as to not embarrass me by revealing more of herself, but I definitely became aware that she was not wearing much, if anything, beneath them. Sam told me she had begun to experiment with the "lifestyle" for herself. I'm a technically-minded man, with plenty of spare cash, so it was easy enough for me to purchase some really quite sophisticated spy cameras on the internet. I would cum thinking of her, trying to focus on the one part that had triggered my arousal, trying in my mind's eye to recreate what I had just seen. Rather, nudism was an innocent celebration of nature and the natural body, and she had come to feel that some parts of her body should be thought of as needing to be hidden, while others were not. I feel this is the real me.

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Jazmin. Age: 21.
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Her bottom, small and shapely.

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Eloise. Age: 24.
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I feel this is the real me. I knew her as my daughter, I never stopped thinking of her as such, but I divided her up in my mind. It wasn't right, it wasn't modest. I had thought it might feel uncomfortable to hold her nude, but it was actually rather pleasant.

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