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Long story short, the picture had a picture of her nipple in it but the poster didn't notice it and when someone pointed that out, he said that it was her thumb and not the nip but upon closer inspection it was in fact, her nipple. The purrrrist of the purries, the ruffffist of the ruffies 9news. Really crappy special effects? I usually don't find her appealing. Yeah, kinda what I said above as well. Links are submitted by members of the Fark community. PizzaJedi81 : I would want to have sex with her just to be able to kiss lips that kissed Amanda Seyfried's.

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Maybe: if I found out her boobs were fake I'd go right back to Mama Palm.

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TheLopper : Are you people high? Grables'Daughter : Wellon Dowd: She's naked under her clothes! PepperFreak : dayum if I were twenty years younger, and she were maybe a little blind, what a wonderful time we could have together

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