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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Sexuality Secondary schools Schools Children features. I outed myself with the students midway through my first year. But hiding such an integral part of me was hard while colleagues Mark, Ben, Dom and even Mr Drew himself so openly referred to their respective loved ones. My next school was somewhat less right-on. It is asking the most vulnerable of our workforce to put themselves in the firing line. Now here we were, with TV cameras in front of us, and here was Tom, a boy with ADHD and a non-negotiable sense of right and wrong, whose question was not going to be brushed away.

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Brenda. Age: 22.
lesbians classroom

He received a fixed-term exclusion and I received a swarm of questions from all over.

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Elliana. Age: 21.
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When they ask ‘Miss, are you a lesbian?’, I tell them yes

He said … He said that you were a lesbian. The sad reality is that not every gay teacher feels able to be out with their colleagues, let alone their students, and asking them to come out for the good of future generations is a big ask. Sexuality Secondary schools Schools Children features. But what we also need is for heterosexual members of staff to shout the loudest.

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