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erica durance legs
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Ref's warnings only irritate Scott: she's taking what she wants here. Erica steps-to, guts Ashley a terrible right hand to the midsection, doubled into a clanging right uppercut mitt-splitter, rocking Scotty's face up and back. I saw it in her eyes tonight - that recognition. Scott heartless when it comes to Durance's back: Ashley baring her teeth, swiping away at tender kidney with hard hammerfists whenever lumbar's available. Erica wincing, but forcing herself through it - when it's her turn, the punches are rigid, bashing - small gloves bouncing tart off Ashley's head, shoulders, flanks. Terrible pasting leaves Scott swaying, dazed on the spot - but she staggers back to her stool all swollen-eyed defiance.

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Libby. Age: 26.
erica durance legs

Durance retreating to ropes, digging in: Ashley's turn to lash vigorously at her foe, strapping and slinging away limber lefts and rights.

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Alma. Age: 22.
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21 Sept 2007 Erica Durance vs Ashley Scott

R3: Similar hounding pursuit - Ashley roaming the ring, showing leg, drawing boos for shameless running. I know she knows I'm better. No images or files uploaded yet.

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