Hard orgasm contractions

hard orgasm contractions
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Vaginal contractions are generally an involuntary muscular response to sexual stimulation , including sexual arousal , and are commonly most intense during sexual stimulation and culminating in orgasm. It has been suggested that vaginal contractions during orgasm can increase the chances of pregnancy as they transport sperm up the reproductive tract from the vagina to the oviducts, which decreases the distance it has to travel. Vaginal contractions are contractions of the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina , especially the pubococcygeus muscle. Near the perceived start of orgasm, a series of regular contractions began in 9 of the women, with anal and vaginal contractions synchronizing with each other. Vaginal contractions should not be confused with uterine contractions. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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hard orgasm contractions

Involuntary spasm of the muscles around the vagina, usually caused by anxiety, can result in vaginismus.

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Vaginal contraction

Additionally, when the woman is fertile, sperm is only transported to the side of the dominant ovary. Vaginal contractions should not be confused with uterine contractions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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