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Retrieved September 2, Widowmaker was noted to be equipped with a grappling hook and the ability to see through walls. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Widowmaker Overwatch character Promotional Overwatch image featuring Widowmaker. Overwatch 2 Gameplay Development Seasonal events. Like, that whole femme fatale thing is about being all alluring and sexy, attracting people and then killing them, right?

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Widowmaker's role in Overwatch is on defense.

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Figma Overwatch Widowmaker

Widowmaker appears in Alive , the second in an eight-part series of Overwatch animated shorts. She is confronted by former Overwatch agent Tracer , who engages in a rooftop battle with her; however, Tracer is unsuccessful in her attempts to foil Widowmaker. And yet she's the snipiest sniper in the game.

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