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They are also able to work their way through the cul-de-sac and outright destroy it without ever questioning where to go or who to interrogate next. This was also exemplified when the Eds were trapped between the Kankers and the kids in that same episode, as the Kankers offered to let the Eds have their freedom in exchange for smooches per Kanker. Of course, it is possible that for some reason the Kankers dug under the trailer to hide the wishbones and came up with Eddy's Brother's treasure, and that Eddy's Brother lived in the Kankers' Trailer for a brief period after he moved out of the house especially as he still lives in a trailer. The mystery as to where the Kankers come from deepened in " O-Ed Eleven. This culminated in their rigging up of a gigantic indoor roller coaster that would lead the Eds to a marriage ceremony starring them and their unwilling "boyfriends.

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Some of this is reversed in " May I have this Ed?

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The Kanker Sisters

As the Eds ran off into the distance, the Kankers watched, infatuated and in love. According to an interview [1] with Danny Antonucci , the Kankers Sisters are based on a group of girls he knew during his 7th Grade school year. Adding to this mystery is the fact that the "treasure" the Eds ended up finding was in fact May 's collection of wishbones.

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