The true submissive tumblr

the true submissive tumblr
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He kisses my neck as he keeps a steady rhythm inside me. I have a hard time explaining how powerful it is to see him lead our relationship well when it really matters most. A little girl who learned the hard way that my needs were bothersome, that my emotions - whether it was sadness or fear or frustration or overwhelm, would trigger BIG anger in others…that it would take my problem and set it on fire or make it explode instead of helping me through it. We had previously talked about how we are prioritizing his job more than we usually would but that it was just a temporary sacrifice and we were both fine with that concept. It can fall of the rails a little bit sometimes…if it stops feeling connecting due to a lack of emotional presence or vulnerability on either or both sides. And I find myself needing it—needing his soft kisses and caresses and his slow rocking back and forth inside me.

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Aaliyah. Age: 26.
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So when I need to talk to CD about our relationship I always have had to pep talk myself..

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Jazlyn. Age: 22.
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Yea, sooo…

I know I will have no regrets. This is a tough chapter of life, there is no way around that, there is no easy option. So we have to carve the path on our own. Now, the important part of the question.

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