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It was a human in Equestria story, second-person perspective, and clop Not that I mind clop on principle, but it seems a lot of fic writers assume adding sex is an excuse for poor writing , three things that I tend to be prejudiced against. And I've read a LOT of shit let me tell you! I am not anyone important, and I approve this message. I appreciate them all the same, but I always find it a strange situation when a story has several times as many tracks as votes. Can we get a chapter two with TwiDashFire with hornplay and more wingjobs?

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Elise. Age: 25.
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TAW finally shows her true colors.

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Celine. Age: 32.
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You write clopfics, and then you call the people who comment on your stories "ponyfags"? Oh TAW, I have something for you. TAW finally shows her true colors. Nothing, I commented on your comment.

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