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I guess I was projecting my own experience. The girls need to wear the usual black leo and pink tights but a skirt or shorts are fine if they are black my daughter refuses to even consider a skirt. Upload or insert images from URL. It's what they realized was used at home and so I wasn't surprised. And the school is niether if once a month the girls are ashamed or embaressed. In terms of the period, when they have it for the first few times, most teachers will allow a little leniency, such as nude underwear, mentioned above. She breathed a sigh of relief, handed me a box and left!

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We want to be enoucraging and supportive.

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And yes, I then demonstrated the same way as Curandera and yes, it was embarrassing. My DD has not started but prefers to wear a pantyliner when shes in class just in case. Pasdetrois, thank goodness for big sisters! In my previous life as a teacher - not ballet I talked more than one young lady through this before a swim meet.

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