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Tenga releases masturbation aid-inspired Sweet Love Cup chocolates with new flavors for Korea, where actual pornography is banned, reciprocates with lots of awesome soft-core pornography and mainstream movie sex scenes instead. There is a less explicit sex scene featuring the cute Soo Ae, where a man has sex with her on a bed while lying down Thirtysomething sexpot Mami Yamasaki strips more off the older she gets. This is because, frankly, it has such awesome sex scenes that the film will be almost unforgettable once you've seen it. Evangelion parody dildos are best unofficial promotion for new anime movie ever.

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Kynlee. Age: 27.
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Her big breakthrough probably should have been the recent action noir film Real, though it wasn't such a hit.

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Aliyah. Age: 22.
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Kanako Nishikawa full-frontal nude scenes in voyeurism drama Under Your Bed. The South Korean film director Kim Ki-duk has been accused of assault and attempting to coerce a actress into performing sex scenes for his movie Moebius. He begins to go down on her from behind, nuzzling her you-know-what between her legs. The Korean single, actress, and model Sulli aka Choi Jin-ri was once a member of the idol music group f x from to

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