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Tom seemingly conquers his fear after beating the would-be rapist unconscious with a bar of soap after he slipped and fell on his back , and also mentions to Sarah that he plans on becoming a public defender in order to save young men from being violated in prison. She appears to be quite attached to her father, crying for fear that he was kidnapped by terrorists when he doesn't come back from work in " A Date with the Health Inspector. Views Read Edit View history. She is incredibly casual about her interracial marriage, even going so far as to joke about it when Tom is mocked and attacked for it. Tom is ultimately forced to confront his phobia in the third-season episode A Date With the Booty Warrior , where he comes face to face with a rapist dubbed "Booty Warrior" after being trapped in a prison washroom during a riot. Riley's interactions with Tom are few and far between, and like most adults Riley encounters he doesn't respect him.

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Jazmine seems to mistake Santa Claus for Jesus Christ.

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Dubois family

For the folklorist, see Thomas A. Tom's passion for his political ideologies are marked by an incident where he kidnaps Ralph Nader during the United States Presidential election , who he believes is a threat that could stunt the Democratic vote. This leaves him prone to clash with Tom in many of the same ways he clashes with his own grandfather.

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