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gorean picture
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Malkinius , 17 June UTC. I added a "citation needed" tag after "Many of the virtual Goreans have only online knowledge and have not actually read the books. Most of the secondary stuff has been cleaned up around the edges at least as far as I'm concerned , and what this article now sorely needs is a solid explanation of what the Gorean lifestyle actually is as opposed to various explanations of what it isn't. The fact that you think tags are ugly is not a reason to remove them. If anyone has reasonably good French, they might want to take a look at it my level of French is such as not to give me great confidence when writing anything beyond a simple declarative sentence. This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale.

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gorean picture

Wyvern , 3 August UTC.

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However, the fictitious cultures of Gor itself practice literal slavery, with people being captured and held frequently against their will. The Chinese symbols on this page have nothing to do with Gor and should be removed from this page. Wyvern , 11 November UTC.

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