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J'utilise Wine et WineBottler. You give me some ideas here regarding sex perks. This will permit me to allow players to pass dialog flags in the way they 'prefer', allowing them multiple ways to get them, and 'specialize' either on perks, stats or skills to get great dialogs. Are there any plans for romanceable companions in the future whether its marriage Fallout 2 style, sexual encounters or a different ending based on dialogue options taken during the game? I am the kind of player who thinks dialogs should be heavily modified by stats or perks, making them more 'roleplay'.

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Paisley. Age: 27.
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Sexual encounters are also on the menu, and I want them to be related to communities group sex in Cartier, public sex in Terrace, lesbian sex in Rouge, Gay sex in Patria, and other :P.

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Sidney. Age: 21.
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Fallout: The Sum / Nous Aurons mod

One could even marry which Troka also carried onto Temple of Elemental Evil where it was possible to marry 2 girls this time. Caine59 Oct 28 Interesting. More damage and range, but not easy to find and require 5 STR.

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