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viper rsr game
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In "Damon's Night" a parody RPG-style gameplay leads into the main characters' failure and torment and the hands of a Daemon king and his Succubus servant. In this case, there are three games in one. Each game is named after a particular Dodge Viper car model and, in some games, the characters are likewise named after cars. In , an erotic anime entitled Viper GTS was created by Studio G-1 Neo , released as three episodes with 30 minutes running time for each, except the last which was 31 minutes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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viper rsr game

One more title was produced in the middle of Sogna's lifespan called Galactic Guardian Guynarock R , which was a brief story set in space with an all-female space station crew who are attacked by powerful aliens.

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GTR 2 – FIA GT Racing Game

The story is mostly linear, with one ending, and a bonus "miniature" movie which retells the story of the game with a more comedic theme, super-deformed characters, and humorously over-the-top rape scenes. The titles are as follows, in order of release some titles are difficult to gather information on, while others are still readily available on the Internet :. Categories : Eroge Defunct video game companies Hentai companies. Ogawa is often given the choice to quit having sex early, which results in Carrera frightfully harvesting his soul, and a Game Over for the player.

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