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guys ejaculating tumblr
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The orgasm came pretty quickly and before I realized it, I had ejaculated into my jeans. Most boys will get a small amount of fluid coming out of their penis when they are sufficiently aroused sexually. I was sitting down and had the piece of wood on my lap. This, of course, is unfortunate -- nobody should be surprised and frightened by his first ejaculation. The vibrations through the stiff seats always gave me an erection, but once this low vibration continued for about half a minute, and I was so horny I climaxed ejaculated right on the bus.

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Leah. Age: 22.
guys ejaculating tumblr

Wearing briefs underpants with double layers in the front section can help delay the wet area passing through to your clothes.

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Aya. Age: 21.
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No more pus oozed out and I felt fine! Other semen dries in the end of the urethra and partially blocks the outlet - causing your pee to come out at wierd angles the next morning completely missing the toilet sometimes. Ejaculation doesn't just happen by itself - there is always an event leading up to becoming sexually 'turned on' to the point where you have an orgasm and semen comes out of your erect penis.

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