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Donna is Josh and Jake's mother. After Josh gets in a fight with Matt, he is about to leave and Josh gets angry at Gabi, telling her to butt out, but the two eventually make up after Josh apologises to his father and sets things straight. They both agree having a "friends with benefits" relationship is much better for both of them. He is not like millionaire cliche's that portray them to be strict and stuck-up, but he's friendly and has a helpful personality. Josh responds with "this" and kisses Gabi. Gabi is Josh's main love interest.

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Josh cares for Elliot as a very close friend and greatly values his input, and has stated that Elliot has been with him since the beginning, showing they have a long-running and very close relationship.

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Josh is a young, tall, and slim man with a lot of money. Josh is a young tech millionaire that bought a penthouse and a housekeeper, publicist, and a personal chef, but he still seems like a nice and comfortable person. He is a dot com whiz and a self-made millionaire. The next evening, Josh and Gabi are having dinner on his balcony and Josh asks Gabi how she's doing without Sofia, Gabi says she misses Sofia, but loves Josh.

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