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Superheroine Peril by Omalley99 10 months ago. This is true even when the superpower isn't "natural"; paranormal artifacts fall into their hands, esoteric martial arts schools never seem to have a male heir, the technological prototypes they test always seem to be the ones that are most easily used or abused for good and evil. And so, the novice superheroines just learning the ways of battling for justice and order, without any team to back them up, always end up patrolling the skeeviest, most undesirable slums of the city and taking on the most thankless rescues. Tag: superheroine Search by SmutMD. In this she has been working at her model job for a few years and many people around the town knows who she is and how she looks like. Messy mistakes will be made, but you don't want to disappoint your readers, do you?

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Melina. Age: 24.
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Hollywood's new agent by zbloutch 3 hours ago.

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Mila. Age: 21.
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A companion piece to the Savage Land Story. In fact, as is usually the case where colorful masked characters are the norm, it has become something of an institution by this point. Invisible Woman in the Negative Zone by marvelfan 1 month ago. Our young heroine starlight is about to step onto a one way path to sexual slavery, the only question is, how does she get there?

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