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She takes some of her time to teach Ranjan how to behave and stay safe. Once there, the two Hydes soon had a moment together, and suddenly began to make out until morning broke in the jungle. And that she was lying next to a still sleeping Mowgli… and that they were buck naked. Although, instead of just plain bodies they now had well-fit bodies; her being in the body of a sixteen year old girl with him being an athletic sixteen year old boy. Soon afterwards, after making some clothing from the downed Recon Ship they crashed, they managed to befriend some of the locals: Bagheera, Baloo, and a wolf pack, with their daughter, Lala being one of them.

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When explained about the situation, everyone was shocked to hear about it.

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She fears nearly every animal the jungle has to offer including snakes, tigers, bears, wolves, and even bats. Though even more so of the Red Panda that Mowgli has befriended. Amazed, she put her jar in front of her, her hands glow in blue and she was able to put the water in the jug without putting the jug in the water.

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